Tallgrass Diagnostic Imaging is proud to offer the latest generation of diagnostic technology. With continuous support through constant upgrades by equipment vendors, Tallgrass Diagnostic Imaging is one of the premier, state-of-the-art, outpatient diagnostic imaging facilities in the United States. We offer High-Field Open MRI, multi-slice CT scans, and Ultrasound.

High-Field Open MRI

Tallgrass Diagnostic Imaging provides High-Field Open MRI, the latest in open MRI technology. Our High-Field Open MRI allows for a shorter scan time and is completely open, creating a more comfortable environment with no cramped spaces.At Tallgrass Diagnostic Imaging, you will receive nothing but personalized attention from our caring staff from the moment you enter the facility. We have a unique outpatient center with all modalities under one roof along with convenient parking and optional evening hours.

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CT Scan

Tallgrass Diagnostic Imaging’s rapid, multi-slice CT scanner allows our technologist to scan patients in a matter of a few minutes. In terms of speed, patient comfort, and resolution, CT exams are now more patient friendly than ever before. CT scans produce three-dimensional images from flat x-ray pictures. These pictures can be of the body’s soft tissues and blood vessels, as well as cartilage and bone. The diagnostic capabilities of CT have earned it the title of the “workhorse” of diagnostic imaging.Tallgrass Diagnostic Imaging Center has created a beautifully innovative CT suite. Its many windows create an environment of filtered sunlight-perfect for the suite’s green plants and a feeling of serenity. Coupled with the latest technology, it’s just what the doctor ordered! This is not an ordinary imaging center.

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Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves and their echoes instead of radiation. This technology was originally developed to use for pregnancies and is not dangerous to an unborn fetus. Now there is a full range of studies including screening of carotid arteries, abdomen, vascular, small parts, obstetrics and gynecology.Ultrasound is one of the safest and least invasive medical diagnostic tests available today. Procedures take approximately 30-60 minutes to perform. An odorless, colorless, gel is applied to the skin above the area to be observed. A transducer is then used to view the areas on a TV monitor.

Once the images are obtained, they are reviewed by a Radiologist and interpreted. Your referring physician should have your results within 24 hours.

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